Bhushavali N

Away from the bustling noise of horns,
Here I am amongst the bustling music of the waves…
Just me and the sea,
With the waves dancing as lovely as they can be…

I am alone,
No,Not repenting my loneliness,
But enjoying my solitude…
Looking across the sky
From the bed of shells beneath…

I am wet,
Not with a shower or sweat,
But with the waves playing,
With my toes and swaying…

I am blue,
Not poisoned or cold,
But with the sparkling water,
Reflecting on me as they shatter…

I am kissed,
Not the romantic one from my man,
But the warm one,
From the setting sun…

I am hugged,
Not the warmth of my beloved ones,
But the coldness,
Of the bellowing winds…

And now,
Am I in Love…???

With the shells and the sea and the shore,
From my heart from its deepest core,
More and more and all the more…
4 Responses
  1. Vennimalai N Says:

    Unusually, perhaps according to me, a frame in a foreign language! Why 'priyamanathozhi'? But, ofcourse, this english too do have your style, indeed.
    Nice and wonderful!!

  2. Thanks anna..
    Just a trial..

  3. U'r writing to too good...i luv it...

  4. Thanks Andrew... Welcome to my blog... :)

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