Bhushavali N
When some question are un-warrantedly asked,
When a moment wrongly hanppens,
When some answers had to be given,
When some results turn haywire,
When some people do not see you correctly,
When the question is 'What did you do'.?
When you are hurt by all around you,
When you want to cry your heart out,
When you are not recognized for what you are,
When even the pen you write stops working,
What do you do.?????
7 Responses
  1. Vennimalai N Says:

    An absolute difficult question? indeed!

    But it sounds like you've gotta enlighten us by raising queries like these....


    these were lil doubts which my lil-mitr got in the recent past


    perhaps a very unusual situation that this wonderful mitr might 've undergone these real emotional fluctuations which 'ld have triggered her to crave for solutions, if probably not so badly at least, and raised these questions in this huge - wide cyberspace...

  2. babYpose Says:

    I would deep inhale and exhale...all out...and try to be solutions oriented and stop complaining or explaining...listen to my breathing and relax.

  3. @Venni Anna,
    Your 3rd options is right!!!

    Hmm.. I think that's a good way of making myself think properly!!!

  4. Hello! I just stumbled on your blog and as a fellow Tamilian and a writer, thought I should comment. These are great questions..and tough ones. Your words describe people in their most vulnerable states... Anyways, great blog! -Priya

  5. kumar Says:

    lovely poem sounds great

  6. Lakshmi Says:

    you let the moment pass...

  7. RNSANE Says:

    Very well written and I think we are all faced with obstacles, challenges and difficulties - most of them unwarranted and undeserved. At times like those, I just step back, take a little break,a deep breath - but, more importantly, I try not to let them ovewhelm me. Sometimes I might talk to a dear friend, or listen to some music that soothes me. I never give up, though.

    I will have to translate yur page so I can read more. I wish you would add google translate to your page.

    I am a great fan of India....I am blessed to have many friends from India. I tell everyone that India is the country of my heart. I have only been there once. Stayed in Mumbai, right at Sahar, with my dear friend and his wife, for ten days, before leaving for Bangkok and a ten day southeast Asian cruise. I did get to Delhi for a couple of days and to Agra. I will never foget my first sight of the Taj...a dream come true.

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